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Web Exhibition Design

20YY Designers

Web exhibition design

An online permanent exhibition for 20YY, a graphic design studio based in Lausanne, Prague and San Francisco, founded in 2011 by Sébastien Bohner, Petr Bosák, Robert Jansa, and Adam Macháček.


20YY Designers


Research / Interview / Sketche / UX &UI Design




Adobe Creative Suites / HTML / CSS / JS


Leandra Burnett / Mengwen Yu / Juan Pablo Rahal Soto / Troy Taylor

Project Brief

Online exhibition designed for 20YY Designers in response to the cancellation of their physical installation due to covid. This website was built from scratch using HTML, CSS, JS.

Project Research

To fully understand 20YY Designers’ works and cooperation methods before determining the art direction, we took an interview with Adam Macháček, one of the 20YY designers.


In his description, their cooperation now may look a bit like a relay race – because of the 9 hours time difference. However, the long-term tacit understanding makes their cooperation not limited to the same space and time. The workday is about to end in Europe when the sun goes up here, so Adam would get the latest files (Slack, Dropbox) and take over. They are not working on everything together – there are projects that we do individually or in two, but the majority is collaboration, and also with people out of their ‘core’ group.


Those conversations inspired us to create an exhibition to show their special handover methods based on the different timelines of the 4 people. We also drew inspiration from their works, Visually, the site needed to be unique to reflect 20YY designers’ style. Functionally, Adam hopes that we can include as many of their works as possible.


Therefore, we decided to set the page into 4 scrollable columns, each column representing one of the 20YY collaborators.

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Thanks again for your great work and presentation the other day – I’ve got positive feedback from others too. We’d like to do an instagram post sometime with a link to the site.

What I've Learned

In the process of online exhibition design, communication with the author is particularly important. Through communication, we need to understand the author's life and work style, and understand the emotions that their works want to express. Bring yourself into author's way of thinking, so that we can better show their works through the exhibition.

Thank You for Watching
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