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Hi, I am Mengwen.

I design user experiences for digital products and marketing sites, currently, work for Chefling, Inc as a UX/UI designer, based in the Bay Area.

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Design Principle

Think in product,

not in feature

Features don’t work without the product. Thinking in products means thinking in specific user’s problems, in jobs to be done, in goals, and in revenues.  


Fall in love with a problem, not a specific solution.

I solve complex problems for clients by finding the root cause by dedicated research and user interviews researches. Keeping curious, seeking answers, and retaining information has always been the core of my design flow.


Effective system thinking - 

from concept to prototype

I solve problems and identify opportunities across an entire system in order to create holistic solutions that provide fluid product experiences. While every problem is different, having a solid process with lots of tools at my disposal can help a lot.

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