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APP Design


A Study abroad project in Amsterdam aims to enhance communication in a multicultural society.


Researches, Wireframes, UX/UI Design




Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Aftereffect |  | Figma

Project Brief

The concept of a mixed society has for a long time been part of the terrain of liberalism. Amsterdam is absolute freedom and multicultural city that not only welcomes immigrants of different nationalities but paid them to keep up their languages and traditions. However, multiculturalism proved to be a failure. It was leading not to a mixed society but to a multiplicity of ghettoized communities living next to but cut off from one another. People only care about their own things but ignore communicating with other cultures people and understand their culture. 

Similarity build Trust

A study from Stanford University shows that people's willingness to trust someone based on how similar they are in age, location, and preference. The right design can actually help people overcome their deeply rooted biases. So I decided to design an app based on hobbies to let residents of different races know each other. 

User Flow


How It Works?

Get your unique profile and be located on a virtual planet

Base on your psychological answers, you will get a special color mark, different colors, shades, and shapes represent different personality traits.

People with similar personalities will be located on the same planet.

Know you better by the psychological quiz

Psychology allows people to understand more about how the body and mind work together. This knowledge can help with time management, setting and achieving goals, and living effectively.


In this app, psychological quizzes help people understand themselves and find new friends with similar interests.

合成 4_1.gif

You Can


Inviting People To Join You

You can invite your planet citizen or people from other planets to join you in local activities or hang out together.
Knowing more interesting people, Making new friends and understanding their culture

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