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APP Design


Fitness & workout trainer

A fitness and workout app helps people to keep healthy


Researches, Wireframes, UX/UI Design 




Adobe Creative Suite | Figma

Project Brief

FitMe is a fitness and workout app that is not only a personal training coach on your phone but also a community where people can share experiences and encourage each other. It was aimed at helping people ho are busy and lack the self-control to keep healthy and do exercise anytime and anywhere. Users would be able to browse for high-level users who have more fitness experience in the same place and invite them to exercise together.


Moreover, the app could be useful for healthy diet manager. It can be used to record the calories consumed in a day and give users reasonable dietary recommendations.

Personalized Plan

Through questions to understand your need. Then based those specifically on your own routine and goals, FitMe trainer will develop a dedicated plan for you.

All-In-One Personal Trainer App

Personalized Training Plans | A Community for Social | Workouts Anytime & Anywhere

FitMe target-driven workouts at home or gym.

It is laser-focused as your personal trainer customized to help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you are seasoned or looking for a workout app for beginners, the customized training program is specially designed to meet your physical.

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合成 1.gif
image 26.png
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image 26.png

Getting inspired and encouraged by the online community

Target high-fitness-level users in the same gym to communicate

Connecting with iWatch and Planned Nutrition

Track your activity on a daily, weekly, and overall basis and provide multiple nutrition plans. The home and gym workout app for you lets you compare your physical health before and after the beginning of the workout program so that you can analyze your progress better.

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Design Process







01. Secondary Research

Secondary Market Research focuses on data and reports describing the experience of, and qualitative information about, consumers and end-users. Secondary research may also be the most likely source for quantitative data available to designers, due to the cost and expertise associated with its collection.
Sources: news and review articles, blogs, and published market reports.
Objective: Assemble enough background information to gather a base-line understanding and formulate a primary research plan.

Group 19.png

Obesity is a serious problem in the US.

Most people want to exercise but they don’t have time.

Some people have gym membership but they never exercise.

People like share their pictures on social media when they exercise.

The most popular exercise is not exercise in the gym(walking).

People prefer buying wearable devices especially in young consumer group.

Hypotheses 1.0

1. People know health and fitness are important to themselves,

    but they don’t know how to do exercise.
2. Social media, wearable devices, organic food urge people to get more healthy.
3. Join the membership of the gym is not the best way to get a healthy body.

02. Primary Research

Primary research can be divided into quantitative, and qualitative research. Quantitative being the collection of large data sets for the creation of computational models. In this project, I focus on qualitative research, which is the gathering of first-hand opinions, reasoning, motivations, and responses from a market sample group.
Methods: Collection of primary qualitative research is performed through group discussions (focus groups), individual interviews, and behavior observations.
Objective: Generate insights into user challenges and reveal “pain points”, or hypotheses for improvement or deeper (quantitative) inquiry.

图片11 1.png

In-person interview:
People in gym, juice shop, students and faculties in the school.
3-5 questions in 10 minutes.

interview questions:
1. Why and when you begin doing exercise?
2. How do you decide to do what kinds of exercise today?
3. How often you do exercise?
4. Did you ever join the membership of a gym?
5. Why you give up?

Observation (public gym & communities’ gym)
1. People prefer cardio to anaerobic exercise, especially female and older people.
2. The time is between 30 min to 1 hour.
3. People prefer to do exercise in the morning or after work.

Second Round Secondary Research

Group 20.png
Hypotheses 2.0

1. People know health and fitness are important to them.
2. They try to find how to do exercise scientifically, but most of them don’t know

    how to do exercise.
3. Join the membership of the gym is not the best way to get a healthy body.
4. Social media, wearable devices, organic food urge people to get more healthy,

    but on the other hand, it also misunderstands people.

03. Matrix Analyze


04. Persona Building

Group 21.png


25~30 Free-lance job
Tomas lives with his girlfriend in an apartment, so it is easy for him to access to apartment’s gym for free. He likes cooking and will go to wholefoods (or other organic food markets) twice a week. Before he does a free-lance job, he is a programmer in a computer company. So he is interested in new electronic devices.


25~30 White-collar worker
Anna will begin to work at 9 am and finish work at 6 pm. She is very slim but also wanna a better body shape. Because of her work type, she needs to sit on the chair for over 8 hours one day. She will order fast-food as lunch. Anna loves parties and social. She often browses ins and follows some fashion icons.


30~35 Engineer
Daniel is very busy because of his work, so he has very limited leisure time to do exercise. He will get up at 7 am and eat breakfast at 8 am, and then he will walk to the company. Daniel will cardio with his friends at the weekend.


30~35 Housewife
Jennifer has 2 kids, and she needs to do housework after taking her kids to school. She always feels tired and never joins the membership of any gym. But sometimes she will watch yoga videos on youtube recommend advertisements.

05. Journey Map

Hypotheses 3.0

1. Help people to manage time and set a personal schedule.
2. Understand people’s physical condition and find a suitable exercise method.
3. Social(connecting with friends and family/know about others' schedules and

    find common points).
4. Convenient (app)(for people who has limited time to go to the gym)


APP Design

01. Information Architecture (IA)


02. User Flow

User Flow.png

03. Wireframe & User Test

I quickly drew out wireframes with concepts first for each scenario to figure out the structure of the page and how I organize the content. Then, I created the low-fi and mid-fi prototypes for user testing with 5 participants in each round. After 2 rounds of user testings, I created the hi-fi mockups based on user feedback.

未命名 3 1.png
5A3A4551-410E-45DC-BF32-F844486B9850 1.p
Group 1 5.png

During user testing, we ask them to go through the onboarding process, follow the workout process, check the data, and share with the SLP, and from 1 to 5 scale the satisfaction of the experience of using this app to do exercise.

You need to collect a lot of data before the advice given would be accurate. And I wonder would users stick around for that long.


Self-reported data could be inaccurate. You should better define the metric for productivity.



Your product gives customized feedback. And having individual machine learning algorithms could be very expensive. 


Everything you said is possible, but I have reservations about the cost and accuracy involved.

03. Design Style Guide

design guide.png

What I've Learned

This project has humbled me as a designer. Eager to move forward with my concept, I learned a good app should self-explanatory with no learning curve and use familiar visual metaphors and familiar behaviors.

A simple solution would be conducting the feasibility analysis before moving into a high fidelity prototype. Users who downloaded the app loved this idea. I learned that providing small mobile interactions that surprise and delight users are important to any app’s success. They aren’t functionally essential, but they’re crucial to a great user experience.

Thank You For Watching!
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