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“Fragile astray” is a class project which using design language as a tool to guide the style of a product like color, material, and the textures of an object. My two keywords are “fragile” and “ashtray”.By the market research in the first week, I found that the most common ashtray design is a shallow cylinder with a flat base, to rest on a table. And it usually made with anti-fired material. I also look at different fragile images for inspiration. It means carefully, transient and balance to me.


I analyzed the connection of fragile and ashtray from user behavior angle and found that users usually do 2 things with their ashtray: one thing is flicking the ash and the other is crushed out. So I want the users to feel fragile from this 2 behavior.

I used foam to make the shape and doing the test for improvement and used epoxy cover the surface, and then primer and give it grey color. After that I use silicone rubber to casting. The material of the final prototype is concrete. The user needs to careful with their position where they flick the ash and the power when they crush out the cigarette because the ash will easily fall down on the floor by their behavior. The message of fragility will be delivered to users by the appearance of the ashtray and the feeling when they use it.

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